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O Cosmedics

O Cosmedics Firming & Lifting Neck Serum

O Cosmedics Firming & Lifting Neck Serum

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Our powerful medical grade skincare is available to you after a brief one-off skin consultation. Please connect with us via the chat function or on 1300 868 233. Thank you

O Cosmedics Firming & Lifting Neck Serum is a multi-faceted, corrective neck serum containing 10 clinical actives and our exclusive V8 Peptide Complex® for ultimate skin youth.

Designed to focus on the challenging neck and jowl areas, this innovative smart serum promotes immediate and long-term skin tightening, firming and lifting, softens wrinkles, and evens skin tone while supporting skin destress and epidermal emotional rebalance.

Contains a built in roller application ball attached to the tube.

For all skins concerned with aging.

Product Size: 50ml


✓ Vegan

✓ Visible Neck Lift

✓ Roller Ball Applicator

✓ Can Be Applied To Face

✓ Australian Made


Sirtalice, Telessence Mitelion, Telessence Telmeric, Telessence Breeztel, Liftonin–Xpress, Niacinamide (B3),AO 3, Proteolea, Lipochroman, Hydroviton Plus


Use morning and evening, after cleansing and before hydrating.

Unlock the applicator, squeeze a small amount of product onto the roller and massage over the neck and jowls in an upward motion. Tilt the chin up while massaging serum into lines and wrinkles. Massage until serum is absorbed. Lock the applicator once finished.

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  • ★★★★★ REVIEW

    "This neck serum is amazing. I've noticed a significant difference within only the first week of using it. It'll definitely be a staple in my routine"

    Janetta, Olinda VIC

  • ★★★★★ REVIEW

    "This product is next level. I use it everyday and have noticed huge results within a few days. Ny neck skin feels tighter and lifted. It works"

    Matthew, Armadale VIC