Our Packaging

We are 100% committed to having as little impact on the environment as possible.

Our packaging is a testament to this.

We use recycled materials in our shipping packaging. Our cardboard mailing boxes and cardboard bags are recycled and we encourage you to re-use or recycle them again once you receive your product. 

Our compostable mailing bags are able to be included in your home compost as food for the worms, leaving no nasties or micro plastics.

Where possible, we re-use packaging that we ourselves receive so from time to time, you may receive a re-used box. You can let us know at checkout if you don’t wish to receive a re-used box.

Changing the way we interact with packaging, requires us to re-think the way we produce and consume. We need to ensure that the changes we make to our packaging and delivery system work for the communities that enjoy our products around the world every day. It is about exploring multiple solutions and it requires collaboration and innovation on a global scale. By working with our partners, we want to create a lasting and impactful change. A change for the better. For people and the planet.

If you have any comments or suggestions, we welcome the opportunity to chat about this.