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Murad Cellular Hydration Repair Mask

Murad Cellular Hydration Repair Mask

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Murad Cellular Hydration Repair Mask soothes with a shot of intense hydration to rescue skin from dryness, redness and roughness.

Overnight, prevents water loss and strengthens the skin barrier.
With every use, hydrates and mends the skin barrier.
Murad Cellular Hydration Repair Mask contains refined bilberry seed oil (from handpicked berries) 

Provides the essential fatty acids for healthy barriers: omegas 3 and 6.
Unique hibiscus extract known to deliver potent hydration quickly moisturizes to protect from water loss.

Soothing Canadian willowherb supports with antioxidant-like benefits, reducing damage from oxidative stress.

This product is perfect for balanced, oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin.

Product Size: 80ml


✓ Dermatologist Approved

✓ Heal At The Cellular Level

✓ Intense Hydration Reduces Redness, Dryness & Roughness

✓ Prevents Water Loss

✓ Hydrates & Repairs Skin Barrier


Refined Bilberry Seed Oil, Hibiscus Extract, Canadian Willowherb


Massage a small amount of Murad Cleanser over dampened face and neck.

Apply a thin layer of your favourite Murad Serum to face, neck and decolletage.

Apply Murad Cellular Hydration Repair Mask overnight. Wake up to plump, glowing skin

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  • ★★★★★ REVIEW

    "As an acne prone skin type I love this mask for calming and reducing redness overall. My skin feels softer, less irritated and more smooth overall!"

    Letitia, Rockdale QLD

  • ★★★★ REVIEW

    "I use this product about three times a week. Each time I have used it, I wake up with my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. My skin has balanced itself out after using all of the three products in this range. Love!!!."

    Christina, Williamstown VIC